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Funeral Guidelines


Funeral and Memorial Services

At Trinity United Church, we understand the importance of honouring the departed and celebrating the life that God gave each person. We are honoured to assist our siblings in Christ through the challenges of grieving, and walk with them in their sadness and in their healing. 

As life flies by, we also implore you to take a minute and consider pre-planning your funeral or celebration of life



It is our practice that all services at Trinity are conducted by the Trinity ministry team. The clergy have final approval of content of both the music and eulogies. Our staff's current funeral rates are as follows:
Minister - $350

Minister of Music - $250 (plus $100 per rehearsal with soloist)

Security for Funeral - $100



If you would like to arrange for a funeral or memorial service at Trinity United Church and you are not making use of the services of a funeral home, the fee is $1000 (plus church rental fee).

If you are not using a funeral home, please contact the church office at 905-372-7911.

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