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Renting our Facilities

At Trinity, our community of faith is intimately connected to the wider community. We are proud that our church is used for many wonderful events and gatherings. If you would like to rent our amazing facilities, please contact our office to book well in advance.

Our building is typically open Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Events and meetings can be held outside of the normal hours by special arrangement.

We rent to a wide variety of groups and individuals, such as support groups, clubs, community arts organisations, musical groups, weddings, funerals, and other private gatherings.

The following table shows the rates for rentals to for-profit organisations. Non-profit organisations may be eligible for discounted rates. Fees may also be reduced or waived for congregationally-sponsored events and private events for congregation members. Rental rates are subject to annual review.


If you are considering booking for a concert, especially on a Saturday night, don't delay! Weekends in concert season book up well in advance. Reserve early to ensure you get your preferred dates.


All rentals are subject to rules that are provided with the rental contract. Note particularly that food, drinks (other than water), confetti, helium balloons and similar items are not allowed in the Sanctuary.

To inquire about rental availability and confirm the applicable rates, contact the church office.

Rental Rates

Room (Main Floor)
Anson Green Chapel (220)
Burwash Room (221)
Kingston Room (Sunday School, 225)
Kingston Room (Sunday School, 225)
Bain Room (227)
Nelles Room (229)
Beatty Room (not accessible, 230)
Sanderson Room (basement)
Nursery (102)
Reynar Room (Parlour, 103)
Kitchen (not cooking)
Kitchen (full use)
Christian Education Center (Hall)

Additional Charges

  • Deposit $100 (min)

  • Clean-Up charge $20/hr, min 4 hours

  • Security Services $20/hr, min 4 hours

  • Front Lawn Sign $25

  • Waste Sorting Fee $10/bag

Contact our office to check if the room is available to book and to book a room!

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