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Wedding Music

The music included in your wedding is an important part of the marriage worship service. Music can be very powerful. Well chosen music can greatly enhance your wedding ceremony, whereas poorly chosen music can diminish dignity and beauty. As in other parts of the marriage service, we wish to assist you in making the music as meaningful as possible. It is with this in mind that the following information and guidelines are offered.

The Wedding Drive

Linked here is a sample music Google Drive. This is meant as suggestions only; when planning your wedding your input and other requests are always welcome.


Contacting the Minister of Music

When you meet with the minister she will recommend that you make an initial contact with the Minister of Music as soon as possible. It will be to your advantage to do so. However, it is your responsibility to contact the Minister of Music at least one month prior to the wedding ceremony in order to discuss special music requests, answer questions, discuss options and plan musical selections. The Minister of Music for Trinity United Church is Debbie Fingas and her home telephone number is 905-377-0834 or email Even if you wish to leave the choice of music selections up to the Minister of Music, you are asked to contact her.


Typical Order of Worship

Prelude: This music is played for approximately 15 minutes while the guests arrive. You are asked to select a piece of music for the prelude time that will be played as the last piece of the prelude. The Minister of Music usually selects the remainder of the music, however requests are welcome. It is appropriate to use either the piano or the organ for the prelude, and is a good place in the service for guest musicians. Suggestions are on the Wedding Drive.

The Processional: This is the music played as the wedding party enters the sanctuary. See selections on the Wedding Drive for suggestions.

Hymns: You may choose to have a hymn or two sung in the service. These can be selected from either of our hymn books: Voices United or More Voices.

The Signing of the Register: During the signing of the marriage license and church register, photographs are often taken. Music is played at this time. Suggestions are on the Wedding Drive. This is also a good time for a vocal or instrumental solo.

The Recessional: The wedding party processes out of the sanctuary. The music at this point in the service is celebratory and continues until the guests have left the sanctuary. See selections on the Wedding Drive for suggestions. If you wish to have other music, e.g. a piper, for the recessional please make your request known to the Minister of Music one month in advance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. May I have a guest organist?
A. Generally, the Minister of Music for Trinity United Church is the organist for church weddings. However it is possible to have a guest musician under the following circumstances:
a) the request must be made at least one month prior to the wedding
b) the guest musician is qualified
c) all music to be used is approved well in advance by the Minister of Music
d) the Minister of Music is paid her fee according to the Marriage Guidelines of Trinity United Church
e) upon the understanding that any decision by the Minister of Music is final

Q. May I invite an additional musician (e.g. flutist, singer)
A. Absolutely! Soloists may provide their own accompaniment or enlist the services of the Minister of Music. They will need to arrange rehearsal time with her. Such music is usually chosen by the couple being married and/or from the soloist's repertoire but must be approved by the Minister of Music well in advance of the wedding date. Please appreciate that because the wedding service is a service of worship, the text for any solo or other vocal number should be appropriate to such a setting. Appropriate places for solos include: as a prelude, as the couple's parents are seated, immediately prior to the exchanging of vows, during candle lighting, or during the signing of the register.

Q. Can you recommend a soloist?
A. Yes, but please ask at least one month before the wedding.

Q. Does the Minister of Music attend the wedding rehearsal?
A. Typically, the Minister of Music will not attend the wedding rehearsal. Rehearsals with soloists and/or other musicians will happen before this time.

Q. What if we want a special piece of music which is not in the library of the Minister of Music?
A. You may use it, providing you can supply an original copy of the music, and providing there is adequate time to rehearse it and it is suitable for a worship service. If you cannot find the music, the Minister of Music can purchase a copy to be re-imbursed by you.

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